Anxiety from the outside

Anxiety is hard to understand from the outside. Having never experienced it myself, and not being a generally patient or empathetic kind of person, I found it very hard to wrap my head around what my partner was going through. But... I knew she needed me. I needed to understand and learn... for her. Firstly I... Continue Reading →

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Using the parasympathetic nervous system to calm yourself

I guess this is just becoming a dumping ground for everything I find out whilst trying to piece the puzzle of anxiety and my partner's symptoms together... but here's another gem I've come across. This all helps me understand about how the body works and what is related to what in the body. (I hated... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone. I just wanted to say thanks to the people following my blog. It's nice to journey along with people and I hope some of my posts have been helpful or informative in some way. Not sure if you've visited my actual site, but I have some pages about anxiety that may also be... Continue Reading →

It’s working!

Great news, the meds she is on are working. We are so relieved. Levels are returning to normal and the Drs were encouraged by the results. More reviews to come every few months, but looking positive so far. Phew! Hoping this might reduce a bit of the anxiety about something happening to her. Finger crossed... Continue Reading →

Big day tomorrow

So, tomorrow she gets the blood test results back during a consultation with the specialist. She'll find out if her tablets have stabilised her liver enzymes and stopped doing damage... or not. As you can probably imagine this is causing quite a lot of anxiety and stress. We've been waiting for this appointment for months... Continue Reading →

Living, not just surviving

I think something had a little bit of a breakthrough the other day. We were talking about how she was doing, and she said she was just getting through it. She says things like she "made it" through the day, and it made me think... aside from something horrible and unspeakable happening, she was going... Continue Reading →

My own tiny meltdown…

So, we were going to the Rocky Horror Show... I mentioned that in my previous blog... Well we booked that last July before any of this anxiety stuff started. It something that had been on my bucket list for years and it was coming to a town near us in Feb; a great opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Recovery isn’t linear!

Sorry its been a while since my last post. We were actually off for a week last week but she was ill the whole time (including Valentines day) and we didn't get around to doing much of anything we wanted to! We did however get to go to The Rocky Horror Show. I saw this... Continue Reading →

It’s not always easy…

I did want to try to keep this blog positive, but lets face it, with anxiety there isn't a lot of positive to go round. When your partner has anxiety, it affects you and your life too. It's hard. It's draining. It's something that is always there. You have an idea of what to do at... Continue Reading →

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